Friday, January 21, 2011

International day of Acceptance-a day late

Today, January 20th is International Day of Acceptance.  It is a day to promote differenting-abilities acceptance and understanding.  To mark this day I'm going to share a movie and make promises to my children (and children everywhere).

On this day (after) International Day of Acceptance I am asking that we all support each other no matter what the differenting-ability our children may have.  I ask that we celebrate our children's gains and chear them on as they work to make those gains.

We should not only be supporting our kiddies but supporting each other.  Sometimes moms or dads of differenting-abled kids need some loving as well.  Why not ask "What can I do to help?" instead of complaining if their house is a big neglected?  Why not show up with a home cooked meal?  You can lend an ear as a mom or dad vents/cries/complains about what is going on.  And most importantly not judge.

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